I’ve previously reviewed Nylonica Linea Lusso 55 stockings (here)  , this time these are stay-ups.  They are sold exclusively via Stockings HQ and can be purchased here

As I’ve said before, little compares to this stockings from a price/quality comparison.  They are manufactured well, look amazing and feel amazing.  The above picture is me trying them on.  Below are some more pics of myself and the stock photo from the retailer.  As you can see, the stock photo is an accurate representation of the item.

The band at the top is rather thick and grips well.  It has a satiny appearance, and is about 2″ wide.  Even though they are stay-ups, I like the look of garter clips.

They are composed of a blend of 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra 3D  (I love blends with Lycra), and are manufactured in Italy.

In the past they have bene available in a broad range of colours, however, they are currently only available in black, white, ivory and navy blue.  I hope stockings HQ brings back a more comprehensive colour selection.

I’ve been wearing this line for several years and find them to be durable.  They withstand moderate usage, aren’t terribly prone to snags and runs, and wash very well.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great product at a great price.