I LOVE the Nylonica line of hosiery!  The stockings, stay-up and tights they offer are all superb.

Nylonica appears to be exclusive to Stockings HQ (please correct me if I’m wrong) and are reasonably priced for the luxury and quality they offer.

This is their Linea Lusso Microfibre 55 Opaque Stocking.  I’ve also included a picture of me wearing these stockings as well.  As you can see, the stock photo is identical to what they look like on a regular person.

The Linea Lusso Microfibre 55 stockings are very smooth to the touch, and have no flaws in the knitting.  and they fit perfectly.  They have a plain top that is about 2″ wide, and garter clips easily hook into them (something I appreciate)

I have been wearing this line for several years, and there was a time when they came in a vast array of colours.  Currently they are offered in black, white, ivory and navy blue.  I pray that Stockings HQ will bring the wide selection back into stock.   The durability of these stockings is comparable to none.   I have had the same few pairs for several years, without having runs or snags, and they have been washed in the washing machine repeatedly.

As the name implies, they are a 55 denier (a very nice opaque look) and are compressed of a brand of 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra 3D (Lycra 3D stockings are amazing to feel)

Whether you are seeking am amazing looking stocking, a stocking with superb softness, greta fit, durability, quality, price, or a combination of these factors, I recommend trying this brand.